about me

I enjoy writing. I'll write to you in English, Spanish, Polish, Italian or Sicilian; or, if you prefer, I'll write in Perl, R, SQL or HTML.

I find it easy to speak a language when I know what I want to say. At napizia.com, my goal is to help you learn what you want to say. Then I help you write the language that expresses your ideas and implements your objectives.

Being an economist, most of my research explores public policy issues, but I am also curious about other fields.

During graduate school, I helped teams of social workers collect data on their clients. Together, we studied that data to learn what practices were most effective in improving client outcomes.

After graduate school, I helped a bank regulator collect data on home mortgage defaults and transmit that data to non-profit mortgage counselors. We also studied that data to learn what factors most influenced the rate of home mortgage default.

For fun, I am annotating the Sicilian language.

For examples of what I might write for you, please visit napizia.com and send me an email.

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to working with you.

- eryk